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TitleRating# of Ratings
Rules of the Hunger Games3.249
What Do They Do All Day?3.447
You Can't Leave Again2.731

Review of The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games (2008) by Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games is classified as a "young adult" book, so you won't find it in the science fiction / fantasy section of most book stores. It's written from the viewpoint of Katniss, a teenager living in the post-apocalyptic United States.

I really enjoyed this book for a couple reasons:

1. The book is exciting and fun to read. There are not too many boring parts in The Hunger Games; it's adventurous and entertaining. I don't read sci fi to learn stuff (although that's ok sometimes), I read to be entertained and to be introduced to new, imaginative ideas, which brings me to my second reason for loving the book.

2. The Hunger Games plot itself is creative and fascinating: a post-apocalyptic United States has gladiator-like games for teenagers every year. Katniss must fight to the death and the reader gets to go right along with her.

Of course, there are many other intricacies to the plot, such as the relationship between the governing city and the "Districts," the contrast between the lives of the wealthy and the poor, the need to survive versus the fight for a greater cause, and the moral decisions one faces when there are no morally correct choices.

But don't get me wrong, The Hunger Games does not have an intricate plot like Dune or Children of the Mind. Rather, it has an exciting plot that entertains and expands one's imagination.

The Hunger Games is a book that just about anyone can enjoy.

The Hunger Games