Citizen of Earth

from Way Station (1963) by Clifford D. SimakRating: 3.1     (34 ratings)

He wondered how important it might be that he remain, intellectually and emotionally, a citizen of Earth and a member of the human race. Tehre was, he thought, perhaps no reason that he should. With the cosmopolitanism of the galaxy at his fingertips, it might even be provincial of him to be so intent upon his continuing identification with the old home planet. He might be losing something by this provincialism.
But it was not in himself, he knew, to turn his back on Earth. It was a place he loved too well -- loving it more, most likely, than those other humans who had not caught his glimpse of far and unguessed worlds. A man, he told himself, must belong to something, must have some loyalty and some identity. The galaxy was too big a place for any being to stand naked and alone.

- Enoch Wallace

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Way Station