There Had Always Been Mutants

from City (1952) by Clifford D. SimakRating: 3.4     (27 ratings)

There had always been mutants, else the race would not have advanced. But until the last hundred years or so they had not been recognized as such. Before that they had merely been great businessmen or great scientists or great crooks. Or perhaps eccentrics who had gained no more than scorn or pity at the hands of a race that would not tolerate divergence from the norm.
Those who had been successful had adapted themselves to the world around them, had bent their greater mental powers into the pattern of acceptable action. And this dulled their usefulness, limited their capacity, hedged their ability with restrictions set up to fit less extraordinary people.
Even as today the known mutant's ability was hedged, unconsciously, by a pattern that had been set -- a groove of logic that was a terrible thing.
But somewhere in the world there were dozens, probably hundreds, of other humans who were just a little more than human -- persons whose lives had been untouched by the rigidity of complex human life. Their ability would not be hedged, they would know no groove of logic.

- Richard Grant

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