War Makes Hypocrites Out of Everyone

from Psion Gamma (2011) by Jacob GowansRating: 3.7     (32 ratings)

In his experience, war made hypocrites out of everyone. It turned black and white into gray, right and wrong into neutral, perhaps war could even mix water and oil. He considered himself to be a man with clear principles and allegiance, and yet, some days, when he thought too much about the people he fought against, he questioned -- even doubted -- himself.
He still believed he was a good man doing the right things, but when he looked over all the pieces of metal sitting on the shelves to his left (awards, they called them) all he saw were decisions he'd made: battles he'd fought: people who had died from his choices. Had he done right in those moments? Did the benefits outweigh the cost?

- Commander Walter Tennyson Byron

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Psion Gamma (Psion series # 2)