Ender's Game Quotes

quotes from Ender's Game (1977) by Orson Scott Card

TitleRating# of Ratings
Bugger Mask3.656
Easy to Forget Why Earth is Worth Saving3.716
Fairness and War4.462
Fear Made Him Serious4.127
Free Except When4.128
He Isn't a Killer3.99
He Was a Soldier3.825
Hitler's Power4.18
Hot and Cold Anger3.954
How We Survive4.130
Humanity Does Not Ask Us to be Happy4.439
Hurting People Again4.346
I Fought to Win3.731
I Need You to be Clever4.128
I Will Remember This, When I Am Defeated3.931
I'll Beat You Unfairly First3.65
I'll Lie To Him4.37
I'm Almost Happy Here4.33
I've Won Because I Could Understand4.00
Just Living3.942
No Teacher but the Enemy4.362
Nobody Controls His Own Life3.925
Power to Kill and Destroy3.935
Pretend Identity4.335
Seed of Doubt4.119
Sometimes Lies Are More Dependable4.328
Stepped Through3.938
That is the Earth3.916
To Understand Somebody4.445
Understand My Enemy4.435
We're Not Children3.77
Will to Survive3.710