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Everyone's Decision

"Of course it's our decision [whether or not we send a warning message to Earth]," said Toron. "Who else could make it?"
"Everyone," said Victor. "This affects everyone. This changes everything. This is an alien starship. We have no right choosing when it's revealed to everyone else. It affects the entire human race. We all agree that there are basically two scenarios here. Either it's peaceful or it isn't. If it's peaceful, then we have nothing to lose by detaching from the rock now and sending out a transmission to as many ships and stations as we can hit. If there are pirates, they will react to the information, not to the people giving it. We should spread the word. We should inform the world. We get the news to Earth as quickly as possible. We let them decide how to proceed for themselves. And if this ship's intentions are not peaceful, then we do the exact same thing. We warn as many people as we can and we start building defenses immediately. Toron suggests that by sending out a blanket transmission we might draw the attention of the alien ship and make ourselves its first target. But even if that's true, so what? We're eighty-seven people. There are over twelve billion people on Earth. If we have to sacrifice ourselves to protect millions or billions more, then we would do that."

- Victor Delgado

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