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TitleRating# of Ratings
Freedom Diminishes as Numbers Increase4.54102
Litany Against Fear4.52242
Violence Settles Some Things4.45124
To Understand Somebody4.4347
Opponent's Fear Leads to a Fatal Mistake4.4245
Fairness and War4.465
Humanity Does Not Ask Us to be Happy4.440
Reputation vs Honor4.4113
Emptiness of Purpose4.453
New Experiences4.39114
Writing History Is Process of Diversion4.3865
Human Beings Are a Disease4.36130
Understand My Enemy4.3636
Always Take Sides4.3534
Power Is Magnetic to Corruptible4.3588
The Matrix Is Everywhere4.3486
I'm Almost Happy Here4.333
Civic Virtue4.32101
What Is Real?4.32111
Understanding a Process4.369
No Teacher but the Enemy4.363
Hurting People Again4.347
Pretend Identity4.337
A Beginning Is a Delicate Time4.2969
I'll Lie To Him4.297
People Don't Want Change4.297
Trust No Government4.2860
The Price of Paradise4.2864
Stupid vs Intelligent4.2868
Limiting Privacy4.2744
Planning Alone4.2774
Information Society4.2689
Sometimes Lies Are More Dependable4.2631
Different is Lonely4.2588
Major Changes4.2398
Strong with this One4.2378
Power Attracts the Corruptible4.2374
Any Road Followed to its End4.2370
Obedience to Rules4.2362
Are We Happier?4.2187
Humans Never Think for Themselves4.299
An Ancient Experiment4.235
The Most Insidious Lie4.266
I Don't Like Warriors4.251
Time Nexus4.1968
Grant Power to Reluctant4.1979
Tactical Retreat4.1954
You're My Only Hope4.1849
We Become Like4.1855
No Match for a Good Blaster4.1792
It Was Real4.1754
Free Except When4.1730
Is a Machine Alive?4.1574
A Wise Man Depends4.1554
A World Is Supported by Four Things4.1480
Sound True4.1466
Old Man4.1459
Dogma as a Weapon4.1376
How We Survive4.1331
We Always Have to Wake Up4.1372
Everyone's Decision4.138
Hitler's Power4.138
Humans and Change4.1250
I Need You to be Clever4.1128
A Weapon Is4.1176
Other Senses Weaken4.160
Mind Under Stress4.0975
Not Wrong to Be Different4.0947
Hostile Soil4.0848
Influence of the Observer4.0853
Fear Made Him Serious4.0729
The Matrix Is a System4.0761
Power to Lead Astray4.0665
First Rule of Government Spending4.0649
Some Prices Are Too High4.0652
I Take Orders from One Person4.0591
Seed of Doubt4.0520
Seems Like Science Fiction4.0457
Most Important Thing to Know About a Weapon4.0336
You're An Interestiing Species4.0241
Plutonium Availability470
Leadership, Individuals, and Mobs460
Take by Surprise456
I've Won Because I Could Understand40
Infinitesimal Probability3.9857
How You Got Here3.9845
Destroy the Place and Destroy the Person3.9767
Conceived in Love3.9653
Nobody Controls His Own Life3.9626
We Shall One Day Travel to the Moon3.9624
Just Living3.9543
Saying What They Want Me to Say3.9556
Power to Kill and Destroy3.9436
Universal Language3.9449
No Gene for Fate3.9448
New Experiences3.9448
That is the Earth3.9416
Juwain Philosophy3.9327
Nothing can Astound an American3.9123
Debt to Parents3.9145
Only Attibutable to Human Error3.91107
You Had Your Time3.951
Killing Word3.951
Tests Are a Gift3.8957
He Isn't a Killer3.899
Acts Like He Has Genuine Emotions3.89151
Justice for the Dead3.8953
Insanity of War3.8935
One Question3.8852
Conformity and Rebellion3.8842
Space Ark3.8833
Villain Smiling3.8857
Stupid Man3.8856
Maybe I'm Going Home3.8739
I Will Remember This, When I Am Defeated3.8731
The Battle Station is Heavily Shielded3.8753
War Is Not Its Own End3.8752
Not Against Technology3.8658
Material Greatness3.8663
War's Immorality3.867
Desert Epitaph Song3.8562
To Be3.8540
Stepped Through3.8540
Covet Your Position3.8552
Miss the Primitive3.8552
Earliest Histories3.8445
Distance Lends Focus3.8438
You Must Rule3.8456
Entire Empire Comes Crashing Down3.8462
A Modest Man3.8324
Liking What You've Got to Do3.8353
Give Few Orders3.8257
Giving Happiness3.8251
Spirit of Things3.8217
Android Animals3.8262
Hot and Cold Anger3.8255
Will to Survive3.8211
Ability to Destroy3.8159
Suicidal Glory3.8162
Ignorance Is Bliss3.851
Do What You Can3.850
Adversaries' Sincerity3.840
President in 19853.7982
Society's Foundation3.7924
I Know You're Out There3.7943
Not Enough Road3.7975
Society's Rules3.7823
Black Rectangular Slab3.7823
Never Impressed by Formal Schools of Ethics3.7818
Weakness an Illusion3.7753
Control the Spice3.7761
He Was a Soldier3.7726
Jupiter's Diamond Core3.7713
You're Willing to Die For It3.7642
The Superstitious3.7621
You Lent Me Your Dream3.7551
Why You're Here3.7431
Waste of Space3.7472
Melt My Brain3.7360
We're Not Children3.717
Same Familiar Faces3.740
The Ship Came Down from Space3.720
People of Earth3.6926
Actively Engaging Life3.6942
People Are Our Mirror3.6945
You've Been Living Two Lives3.6945
War Makes Hypocrites Out of Everyone3.6932
Easy to Forget Why Earth is Worth Saving3.6916
Don't Worry About the Vase3.6838
Thinking Contraption3.6743
Survivors at a Massacre3.6650
I Fought to Win3.6632
Lost Forever the Skies of Earth3.6523
Best You Can for 8 Billion People3.6520
People Give Themselves to You3.6537
You Are On Pandora3.6467
Here He Was3.6425
The City is an Anachronism3.6221
A Man of Faith3.6268
Project Spaceguard3.6136
Galactic Sign Language3.6118
I'll Beat You Unfairly First3.65
No Such Thing as Ex-Marine3.5966
He Wanted to go to Mars on the Rocket3.5917
Bugger Mask3.5958
Another Set of Rules3.5855
Struggle and Character3.5852
Greatest Scientific Discovery in History3.5616
Community's Arm of Force3.5529
Work So Hard to Get Away3.5553
Florida Taxpayers3.5424
Information and Intelligence3.5426
All These Worlds3.5441
Rite of Passage3.5343
Life on Jupiter3.5317
Quickly Deciding3.5227
We Pose No Threat to Them3.5151
Greatness vs Perfection3.542
Once, the Races Were Bound Together3.528
Man Would Have to Learn and Unlearn3.4823
Great Man3.4734
The Fighters3.4637
Struggle with Code of Conduct3.4538
There Had Always Been Mutants3.4427
Instantaneous Communications3.4441
Here Lies One From a Distant Star3.4432
Andromedan Shape Changers3.4323
They Should Have Sent a Poet3.4349
No Place Escapes Atomic War3.4321
Man Had Changed3.4321
Burden of Perfection3.4347
It Is Possible3.4236
Moon Gets Attention3.4117
What Do They Do All Day?3.3647
Always Right3.3523
No Strangers3.3432
Tank Farming Has Ruined Us3.3324
Make Like a Tree3.3266
I Can't Go Back3.3116
If the Heat Shield Failed3.3129
Classify Prime Numbers3.343
You Tend to Your Knitting3.2715
Rules of the Hunger Games3.2249
Earthman's Viewpoint3.2218
The Grinder3.1931
Chain of Command3.1442
I Want to Become Captain3.1138
Citizen of Earth3.0934
Jerome the Metronome3.0449
You Can't Leave Again2.6831
His Bow to Me2.3918